At FIOVN we want to inspire you! When you visit on a Sunday you’ll experience great music, a message relevant to your life, friendly people, and an enjoyable atmosphere.  If you are in need of healing (physical, mental, or emotional), we would like to pray for you – a prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well, and the Lord will raise them up.

After the Faith Seminar, we welcome you to join us in the hospitality room for beverages, cookies, or biscuits, and an opportunity to mingle and connect with others, as well as our leadership team and pastors.

For your kids – For the little ones’ Babes and Infants children from birth to 4 years of age, we like to keep things simple and fun. The nursery provided cuddles and care for the babies, and once they are moving around and ready for more, we introduce some fun games, crafts, and an interactive large group Bible story.

Children from ages 5 to 13 join Children of Destiny where they will experience a fun-filled, action-packed program that will get them involved and inspired, with games, songs, and most importantly a God-based inspirational life lesson.