Faith Is Our Victory Now Ministries ‘So All May Believe’
~ 1 John 5:4,5

Our Vision – Why we exist?

So all may believe that Jesus is Christ, the Lord in order to obtain entrance into the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission – What we do to accomplish our vision?

Praying for all nations, teaching faith, and reaching every accessible person for Christ.

Our Strategy – How we will accomplish our vision?

1. The Prayer of Gatherings

A. 5AM morning prayer Sunday to Saturday

B. Hour of prayer – Evenings Monday to Saturday

C. Prayer and Fasting

i. 3-days of fasting and prayer (2nd Tuesday of each month)

ii. 7-days of fasting and prayer (2nd Sunday of January each year)

2. REAP (Reaching Every Accessible Person) for Christ

A. REACH (Reaching Every Accessible Community and Household)

B. You Can Be Healed TM

C. ‘A Place of Hope’ (Healing Oppressed People Everywhere)

3. The Teaching of Faith

A. Faith Seminars

B. Growing in Faith – Weekly Meetings

C. Faith Academy (Training of Disciples and Ministers in local assemblies in class and online)

i. Level 1 – Training of Disciples

ii. Level 2 – Training of Ministers

iii. Level 3 – Training of Apostles, Pastors, Elders and Ministry Gifts (Prophets, Teachers and Evangelists)7