Healing from Cancer and Infertility – Ioana Bibire Testimony

I am here to share with you my testimony which I hope can remind us that God is good all the time and that He makes miracles happen at all times. My testimony begins when I was diagnosed with cancerous cervical cells back in 2013. That was shortly after I was introduced to the church and accepted Jesus as my savior. I didn’t understand why and I started to worry so much about what the doctors had told me: that I would maybe not be able to hold a pregnancy to the end after they scrape my uterus and remove the cancerous cervical cells. I kept telling everyone what the doctors had told me and shortly after I started believing that. This is exactly what the devil wanted me to do. To believe and declare his cursed words upon my life. My faith was weak at that time and did not see how the devil was getting to me. However, people at the church started to pray with me and I had to infuse myself in the Word of God to set myself free from the links the devil already set for me. I started declaring that I am healthy by Jesus’s name and by his stripes I was already healed. The more I declared these words upon my life the stronger my faith became and the more conviction I had that my God is a God of miracles. By the end of the year after I had repeated the Pap test the cancerous cells were gone and never came back. Glory to God!

As the years passed by, my husband and I started talking about having a child. As we started trying and praying for our blessing, it seemed I couldn’t get pregnant. Again I started to be filled with worrying and pain and searched the doctors for help. The doctors did tests after tests and each doctor had a different diagnostic: one said I had polycystic ovarian syndrome and it was hard for me to get pregnant and others had concluded that I was not ovulating at all and had to be put on medications. It has been already a year

since my husband and I had tried to get pregnant and I started to become very depressed and my faith became weak. I kept remembering the word of the doctor and started telling people why I couldn’t get pregnant. The more I declared these cursed words over my life the more I believed there was something wrong with me. Again the devil was taking control over my life and trying to destroy me. When I went to do the last check they had told me that I was pregnant however I was bleeding heavily and didn’t know why. Unfortunately, I was miscarrying at 6 weeks pregnant. This situation has got me very sad and I was very upset. I kept asking God: Why me? Why are there so many people having babies and they do abortions or they abandon their children and me who wants to have a family I can’t? At this point, I didn’t want to go to church or pray I felt my heart shattered into many pieces.

Shortly after my friend invited me to her church for service. I wasn’t planning to go but in the end, I went. That is when I met Pastor Gary and Pastor Shelly, who have never seen me before. When they started praying for me, they had told me to not be upset that God is with me and that the devil was the one that stole something for me, not God. I had burst into tears as I realized how good God is. I realized that the devil was the one trying to make me feel resentful against God when in fact God was always there with me. Therefore, I decided to pray and pray, and with Pastor Gary’s help, I had declared scriptures from Bibles that prophesized about me getting pregnant and becoming a joyful mother of children from my womb by Jesus’s name. In a fasting campaign that Pastor Gary starting doing in consideration of our children, I had seen as I was praying an angel with a sword of fire. That Sunday, at the service, one of the members of the church was used by the Holy Spirit, and was revealed that someone came in with ear pain. As they prayed for the person with ear pain, I thought to myself: it is so amazing when God speaks with you personally. After I thought this to myself, Pastor Gary told me that God wants to speak to me as well and not to worry that I am pregnant. I was overfilled with joy and I knew that God had heard my prayers and he has made this miracle happen for my life. The next day when I went to the doctor’s office after they had done more tests for me, the doctor told me that all the diseases they saw before had disappeared and she had to do more tests because she didn’t understand. I had asked the doctor to do blood work and told her that I know I am pregnant. She had probably thought I’m crazy, and after she did the test she called me with the big news that indeed I was pregnant for just a few days. Glory to God!

Today I have a healthy strong boy named Lucas Gabriel. He is my reminder that God is God and that He makes miracles happen at all times. All I want to encourage you is that you stay focus on the Word of God and keep declaring it over and over again. Fill your heart, mind, and soul with the Word of God.